Mission & Vision


To become a center of excellence nurturing value based education by empowering
pharmacy professionals with Gyan (Knowledge), Buddhi (Wisdom), Vivek (Consciousness) and
Swayampurnatha(Self reliance) to foster the need of plural society.


To pursue high-quality pharmacy education for training, research and management
to produce the professionals with altruistic leaders to assure an active role in providing accomplished, ethical and compassionate patient care that improves the health and quality of life.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1 Knowledge: Student shall acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of
Pharmaceutical sciences to cater to the need of the pharmacy profession and society at large.
PEO2 Training and Research: To pursue a high-quality education and promote the culture of
research and experimental learning to create competent professionals.
PEO3 Leadership: We believe in leadership and teamwork which act as a fuel that
allows the stakeholders to achieve uncommon goals commonly.
PEO4 Ethics and social responsibility: Imparting ethical and moral responsibilities of
students toward profession and society. Nurturing competent pharmacist through value-based education to create a happy and healthy society.